Funding for pupils with English as an additional language – latest update

Funding for pupils with English as an additional language

Ref: ‘Schools revenue funding 2019 to 2020’

  •  Delegated funding
    Local authority funding formula factors for 2019 to 2020 (page 11) 
  • English as an additional language (EAL)
    An optional factor
‘Pupils identified in the October census with a first language other than English may attract funding for up to three years after they enter the statutory school system.
Local authorities can choose to use indicators based on one, two, or three years, and there can be separate unit values for primary and secondary.
We have used three years in the national funding formula; local authorities should consider this when setting their local formula.’
  • Local authority EAL funding to schools is optional.
  • The funding a school should receive is driven by the October census.
  • The funding is not ring-fenced although we strongly urge schools to consider this when planning for EAL learners in schools.
  • Schools are advised to enquire directly with their local authority.
  • As a guide, local authority funding for EAL for 2018-19 was approximately £500 per eligible primary pupil and £1,000 per eligible secondary pupil.
  • Schools can calculate the approximate funding they believe their EAL learners are entitled to by multiplying by approx. £500 or £1,000 the number of EAL learners on roll who are within the first 3 years of their schooling in the UK as recorded in the October school census.
  • Funding may already have been received in school as part of this year’s budget.
  • There is no in-year funding.
Better Bilingual, June 2019

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