Better Bilingual

Supporting educational settings in Bristol and surrounding areas to ensure that learners with English as an Additional Language (EAL) are empowered to exceed expectations.


Better Bilingual training sessions may be planned within the setting’s EMA Action Plan or as ‘stand-alone’ INSET for which there will be a separate charge.


Consultancy will begin with an hour’s free ‘scoping’ visit in which the Better Bilingual consultant will work collaboratively with the educational setting to identify BME/EAL strengths as well as areas for development.


Better Bilingual is able to direct you to a wide range of useful resources to support this work, many of which are free.

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Deborah McMullin

Deborah McMullin

Head of Learning Support - Gordano School

"Catherine’s quiet determination and her exceptionally high standards make her an unquestionable choice in supporting strategic development & direct work with learners within an educational setting."

EMA Lead

EMA Lead

Primary School, Bath

“Thank you for your support this year. I feel a lot more confident about my role and ability to support staff

Michelle Edwards

Michelle Edwards

EAL Lead, Whitehall Primary School

"Thank you - I understand it all so much better now and feel confident to support teachers."

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