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EAL Academy Associate as of January 2018


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Better Bilingual: Online support for schools during the COVID-19 pandemic

We recognise that this is an unprecedented period of anxiety, upheaval and uncertainty for schools in the UK and around the world, and wish each of you well in managing the various challenges which come your way.

At Better Bilingual, we continue to focus on the educational and pastoral provision for EAL children, young people and their families - in these times of constant change and potential isolation.

We are rapidly adapting our ways of working to provide online teaching & support for EAL pupils & families, as well as virtual methods of collaboration with schools, MATs & community organisations to support EAL communities.

  • Contact us at info@betterbilingual.co.uk to book a FREE package of six Skype/Zoom lessons for recently arrived New to English pupils in the UK.
  • Check out our ever-increasing bank of EAL resources (mostly FREE) for use at school or at home during the school closures here
  • Email info@betterbilingual.co.uk to book a FREE 30 minute EAL consultation (via phone, Skype or Zoom) on how to support your EAL children and families during this current crisis.