We are absolutely thrilled and honoured to have been shortlisted for The Batook Pandya Award for Inclusion at the Bristol Social Impact Awards 2024!

The awards ceremony, hosted by VOSCUR, took place on the evening of February 29th 2024 at South Bristol Skills Academy in Hengrove. Information about all categories and the amazing winners can be found here.

To have our Better Bilingual work highlighted in a shortlist of 36 candidates from over 270 nominations was incredible and much appreciated as recognition of the hard work over the past 3 and a half years by the incredible Better Bilingual CIC team!

Hayley Hayes (Better Bilingual Associate) and Peri Taylor (Better Bilingual Events Manager) share their reflections on the awards evening below…

‘I was so proud to represent Better Bilingual with Hayley and to be awarded ‘runners up’ to St Paul’s Carnival in The Batook Pandya Award for Inclusion. 

A fantastic evening hosted by VOSCUR, celebrating the amazing work being done by community organisations, groups and individuals. St Pauls Choir were incredible too!’ 

Peri Taylor, Better Bilingual Events Manager

‘I was delighted to attend the VOSCUR awards, alongside Peri, representing Better Bilingual. To be nominated and be amongst a roomful of such inspiring people, all working in the Bristol community having such a positive social impact, was such a privilege. 

Added to that, the fact it was The Batook Pandya Award for Inclusion that Better Bilingual was shortlisted for added an extra spark of joy, because the inclusion of Bristol’s multilingual and migrant children in our schools is our fundamental raison d’etre at Better Bilingual.

The buzz in the room was palpable as we listened to the incredible work that many, many people are doing in Bristol to promote social justice.

For me, I found it particularly poignant listening to the testimony of The Lord Mayor of Bristol. He explained how it was the resilience of volunteers, who never gave up on him, that helped him rebuild his life when he hit upon particularly hard times culminating in homelessness. Hearing him tell his story really brought home how each of us working in the social enterprise sector has a positive impact, whether it’s big or small. Things we may deem a small deed, may have a big impact on that person. Now that’s inspiring!’

Hayley Hayes, Better Bilingual Associate

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