There are many resources available to promote a sense of belonging and to accelerate academic outcomes for all pupils in the multilingual classroom.

Below you will find a few favourites of ours from a variety of sources – we hope you find them helpful and do let us know how you get on using them!

A reminder there are further resources available on our EAL page here.

Teaching strategies for the multilingual classroom:

Collaborative Learning

EAL Classroom Strategies


Morpheme Matrices

Assessment of English language proficiency:

Assessing content knowledge (fair assessments)

Developing English language proficiency in the EYFS:

Early Years and oracy

Fran Heritage’s research examining how explicit teaching of the language of play can develop exploratory talk in the EYFS classroom:

National Strategies EAL Materials:

National Strategies

Advice & guidance for teaching in the multilingual classroom:

EAL and multilingualism toolkit

Anti-racism toolkit

Accessing accurate funding for your EAL pupils

Trauma Toolkit for educators from the UK Trauma Council

Decolonising the curriculum:

Practical Skills for Teaching Inclusive History: CARGO Classroom – Online Course

Decolonising Education: From Theory to Practice – Online Course