Our fifth ‘EAL Celebration Event’ will be held on Monday 4th July, 2-4pm, in Bristol, with a focus on how we can make the curriculum accessible and develop academic literacy in the multilingual classroom.

We are delighted to announce that the keynote address will be delivered by Chiaka Amadi from The EAL Academy.

Chiaka Amadi from The EAL Academy – Keynote Speaker

Chiaka is an experienced teacher, trainer and consultant in EAL, with skills in project management and school improvement. She has contributed to the writing of DfE guidance on the teaching of pupils from underachieving groups and to the work of the Education Policy Unit. She works with schools to strengthen policy and practice in language and literacy development. This work is underpinned by strong principles that focus on issues of access, achievement and equity.

In her keynote speech, entitled ‘Who’s at the top of The Tower of Babel?’ Chiaka will look at the way in which some languages seem to be more valued than others and explore some of the reasons why this might be so.

In the spirit of sharing good practice, there will then be an opportunity for attendees to discuss with a variety of primary and secondary school teachers, plus researchers and local organisations, about what they have implemented to promote multilingualism and academic literacy – as well as the rationale behind this and the actual (or intended) impact.

Thrilled to be returning to a face-to-face model this year, we’d like to extend our huge thanks to Blaise High School (Henbury, Bristol) for offering to host our Better Bilingual Celebration Event 2022. Refreshments will be provided, as well as plenty of opportunities to network and to be inspired about how to promote equity and achievement in the multilingual classroom.

Please use this link to sign up so we know how many friendly faces to expect on the day. Thank you!