13th December 2017

What’s New?

Better Bilingual EAL Network Meeting (Autumn 2020)

Monday 23rd November 2020, 4-5pm

Online event open to primary and secondary teachers of pupils with EAL in Bristol and surrounding areas.

To reserve your place and access the online link, email info@betterbilingual.co.uk by 18th November, 5pm.

NEW Better Bilingual EAL Training Opportunities for 2020-2021

Click here to read details of our EAL CPD offer which can be adapted to suit your context and facilitated online or through a blended approach.


BME Training Opportunities from Better Bilingual

CPD on Race Equality issues from Better Bilingual

‘What’s New’ may be the perceived need for Race Equality training for school staff and leaders who wish to support all their children and families through these turbulent times. What’s not new is our Better Bilingual CPD offer which includes a number of Race Equality training sessions – for more details, click here


Better Bilingual: Online support for schools during the COVID-19 pandemic

We recognise that this is an unprecedented period of anxiety, upheaval and uncertainty for schools in the UK and around the world, and wish each of you well in managing the various challenges which come your way.

At Better Bilingual, we continue to focus on the educational and pastoral provision for EAL children, young people and their families – in these times of constant change and potential isolation.

We are rapidly adapting our ways of working to provide online teaching & support for EAL pupils & families, as well as virtual methods of collaboration with schools, MATs & community organisations to support EAL communities.

  • Contact us at info@betterbilingual.co.uk to book a FREE package of six Skype/Zoom lessons for recently arrived New to English pupils in the UK.
  • Check out our ever-increasing bank of EAL resources (mostly FREE) for use at school or at home during the school closures here
  • Email info@betterbilingual.co.uk to book a FREE 30 minute EAL consultation (via phone, Skype or Zoom) on how to support your EAL children and families during this current crisis.


Advice about Coronavirus in many languages

Here are some links to Covid-19 guidance in a range of languages. Do share if useful but please credit the organisations that created them; many thanks to Rob Sharples of NALDIC for sharing with Better Bilingual.

From Doctors of the World:


(Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, Dari, English, Farsi, French, Hindi, Kurdish, Malayam, Mandarin, Pashto, Portuguese, Somali, Spanish, Tigrinya, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese)

From Big Leaf Foundation:


(Pashto, Arabic, Kurmanji, Sorani)


(video in Pashto and English)

If you have feedback or these or other useful COVID-19 links to share, please contact us at info@betterbilingual.co.uk – thank you and take good care, all.


NEW! EAL Resources for Teachers & Parents from The Bell Foundation

  1. FOR TEACHERS – ‘Working with parents to support the learning of puils who use EAL: Guidance for schools’ Click here for further details.
  2. FOR PARENTS – ‘Guidance for parents of students who use English as an Additional Language’ Click here for further details.



Guest Blog – Caroline Scott, Director of Across Cultures

GUEST BLOG – Caroline Scott – Director, Across Cultures

Home learning project for EAL pupils: Minibeasts

Catherine has produced this Minibeasts home learning project for primary-aged pupils which celebrates and utilises access to the outdoors. It combines fresh air, exercise and connection with nature with the development of English language proficiency for multilingual pupils. You can find Catherine’s article and associated resources published by Across Cultures here.


Bristol Learning City Resource Directory features Better Bilingual!

Bristol Learning City has started to curate a number of resources that are suitable for home-learning; further resources will be added in the coming days and weeks, with the aim being to create a list of resources produced by Bristol based educators and learning providers.

We’re very happy to be included on this list and hope the information is helpful to all those involved in home-learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.


NEW home learning resources on EAL Nexus

Catherine and her Bell Foundation colleagues have also been working very hard to produce short guidance videos to make home learning more accessible to EAL learners, particularly to those who are New to English and at greatest risk of losing learning during this time. Do check out these COVID-19 Guidance and Resources which will be added to during the coming weeks.

Ramadan 2020

Information on ‘Understanding Ramadan 2020’ here


One Bristol Curriculum

The One Bristol Curriculum project sees local arts practitioners and historians working together with schools and teachers to create a curriculum that integrates the full history of Bristol and the UK. Read more here


New Resources

  1. Jonathan Bifield works as an EAL Coordinator at a large inner city secondary school in Leicester. He has been working in the field of EAL / ELT for over 17 years and has worked in Thailand and UK.Jonathan writes columns for the NALDIC EAL journal and delivers CPD on a number of areas related to EAL practice.His website ‘EAL in the Daylight’ offers a number of resources related to EAL.The main aim of the website is to ensure that EAL students are always kept in the daylight in our schools and classrooms. You will find book reviews, blog posts about best practice for EAL in the mainstream, a comprehensive list of EAL classroom strategies and some resources that can be used in the mainstream to support EAL learners.We’d love to hear your feedback if you use resources from Jonathan’s ‘EAL in the Daylight’ so please get in touch!
  2. Have you seen these excellent ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ leaflets produced by the University of Reading’s Centre for Literacy & Multilingualism (CeLM)? Highly recommended! TEACHING MULTILINGUAL CHILDREN: Advice for TeachersT HE BENEFITS OF MULTILINGUALISM IN THE FAMILY: Advice for ParentsMULTILINGUALISM IN SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPY: Advice for Speech and Language Therapists


NATIONAL – NALDIC Conference No.28

Multilingual Britain: Successes, challenges and future directions

Saturday November 21st 2020, 9am-5pm
Online Conference (via Zoom)

More information: https://naldic.org.uk/


LOCAL – Better Bilingual EAL Network Meeting (Autumn 2020)

Monday 23rd November 2020, 4-5pm

Online event open to primary and secondary teachers of pupils with EAL in Bristol and surrounding areas.

To reserve your place and access the online link, email info@betterbilingual.co.uk by 18th November, 5pm.


Better Bilingual CPD in collaboration with the Bristol Primary Teaching School Alliance

Click here for details of our EAL Assessment sessions for senior leaders and for our EAL twilight programme for mainstream primary teachers and inclusion colleagues.

Dates of Bristol’s Equality Network Future meetings

  • TBC



Funding for pupils with English as an Additional Language (EAL) – update for 2019-20

How does your Local Authority manage central government funding for pupils with EAL? Read Stephen’s helpful summary here


Government: New OFSTED 2019 framework makes no mention of EAL pupils

NALDIC’s response to Ofsted’s draft education inspection framework for 2019 – NALDIC Position Statement, EAL journal,  3rd April 2019 – read the article here to find out NALDIC’s recommended actions for schools in ensuring inclusive practice is developed in meeting the needs of EAL learners.


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Support for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Do you know enough about the experiences of your learners from refugee backgrounds?
Do your refugee families know where they can access appropriate support?
If you would like to find out more about the challenges faced by your learners and their families from refugee backgrounds and where they can get support from please visit this link


Catherine published

Catherine has written a commentary on Family Language Policy which has recently been published in a Chinese Journal:  http://yyzlyj.cp.com.cn/CN/abstract/abstract237.shtml

Recent research reports on EAL, by The Bell Foundation and partners

  1. English as an Additional Language, proficiency in English and pupils’ educational achievement: an analysis of Local Authority date (Strand, 2018) – click here to read
  2. English as an Additional Language and Initial Teacher Education – click here to read