Over in Cheltenham, Stephen has been busy in his school role as EAL Lead – setting up the fantastic Young Interpreters Scheme at Gardners Lane Primary School, Cheltenham 


  • This continues the school’s excellent work in valuing and promoting languages other than English in a school in which 33% of the pupils are from BAME backgrounds.
  • 28 bilingual learners from  two Y5 and two Y6 classes have attended training sessions to enable them to help pupils and their families feel welcomed and settled in the school by showing them around the school, being peer-mentors and much more.
  • All participating pupils have been highly motivated and have showed a good understanding of the qualities required to be a good Young Interpreter.
  • A Celebration Assembly, to which parents will be invited, has been planned for the first Friday back after the Christmas holiday to present the Young Interpreters with their certificates and badges.

For any more information email stephen@betterbilingual.co.uk

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